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Our Strategy

JZ Flowers has a robust and integrated business strategy, closely aligned with that of the Dutch Flower Group.

This strategy is divided into five key themes and alongside this we have our CSR Strategy known as IMPACT25.

Flower Customer Driven Passionate People Team Up With Growers Smarter Supply Chain Digitalize

Customer Driven

We aim to be the floral partner of choice for our customers and work alongside them across multiple countries where our expertise and knowledge add value. We will continue to , build on many years’ experience in local sourcing to cement our position as the market leader for the supply of British and Irish Seasonal products.

We will invest in new service models and use consumer insights to drive growth, to provide increasingly excellent experience for our customers.

Passionate People

At JZ Flowers, we aim to continue to recruit an outstanding and efficient workforce, while keeping our family business culture and personal approach, within a modern workplace.

To remain an attractive employer, we constantly gather feedback from our people through an Open Workers’ Committee and annually complete Employee Satisfactory Surveys to gather further feedback on how we can adapt to our people’s needs.

We are constantly looking at new opportunities for Training and Development, building closer ties with local communities, and raising awareness about what we do as a business to help with recruitment.

Team Up With Growers

We will strengthen our relationships with selected, strategic growers to secure the future supply of the best quality flowers.

Where possible, we will work alongside our partners and other DFG companies to leverage scale, improve efficiencies and manage costs.

Smarter Supply Chain

We are continually improving processes and investing in technology to work smarter – and be more efficient. We are always working to further optimise supply chains to reduce costs and improve our environmental footprint.


We use improved reporting and live insights to further modernise the workplace and the customer offer. Online will be an important part of this, as will better data insight.

We will continue to strengthen the network infrastructure at our Newport site to reduce ongoing maintenance, licensing, and capital expenditure.

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