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JZ Flowers and SuperFlora Humanitarian Appeal

Employees at JZ Flowers and SuperFlora have decided to show their support to the humanitarian crisis on the Ukrainian/Poland border by raising money and collecting donations of essential items to help charities provide emergency shelter and emergency medical care to refugees crossing the border.

Once donations have been dropped off at each site, we will arrange and distribute these items to designated local charity drop off points.

There is currently no need for donations of clothing as they have enough for the time being, but we are asking for any donations of the following items.  

Medical supplies:
• Plasters
• Bandages
• Painkillers
• Nappies
• Wipes
• Cleaning products

• Pillows
• Sleeping bags
• Tents
• Flashlights
• Flasks
• Backpacks
• Dry food
• Canned food
• Formula milk

Anything that you can donate will be gratefully received.

We have also set up a Just Giving page for those wishing to make a financial contribution to the British Red Cross’s Society’s ‘The Ukraine Crisis Appeal’ where donations will be spent on helping someone affected receive food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes, and shelter. To donate, please visit