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JZ Flowers has had a presence in the USA since 2013, working in co-operation with Jardines de los Andes a long-standing Alstroemeria supplier. Our ambition was to bring the knowledge and experience in growing the floral category in the UK and Ireland and applying this to the American market.

We adapted our supply chain and business model to better suit the American market but we have taken the same approach to category management, with data-driven recommendations based on market analysis, customer demand and the close monitoring of design trends.

Given the close proximity to South America, our USA operation sources the majority of flowers from proven suppliers in Colombia and Ecuador, flying fresh stems into Miami six days a week.


Growing our USA Operations

We now supply over 500 stores across 5 states. We have grown our business in the USA by supplying high quality, design-focused products to our customers.

While everyday floral consumption is not as high in the USA as it is in the UK or Ireland, gifting is a big component of floral expenditure. Events such as Valentine’s Day can increase volumes by more than 10 times compared to 3 times in the UK, which requires a lot of careful planning to execute this successfully.


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