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Social Responsibility is incredibly important to JZ Flowers. We are committed to working fairly, supporting human rights and not merely protecting, but enhancing the world around us.

Our product is natural and has a direct impact on the environments and communities where it is produced. We aim to make a positive impact on the people who work for JZ Flowers and our partners, as well as the environment.


As a Dutch Flower Group company we share an aligned CSR strategy leading up to 2025, known as IMPACT 25. Our ambitions are broken into three pillars and for each pillar we define our commitment leading up to 2025. The three pillars are focused on;

1. Improving transparency within our value chain

2. Enabling people to improve their livelihood

3. Reducing our environmental impact, for future generations.

In order to achieve this we are working together to further measure and monitor ourselves and our supply chain partners in each of these areas.

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  • Sourcing with Integrity

    We only seek to work with certified growers, compliant with the leading standards for our industry.

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  • Fairtrade Partner

    We are the largest importer of Fairtrade flowers in the UK and supply over 40% of all the Fairtrade flowers currently sold in UK supermarkets.

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  • Support for our Communities

    At JZ Flowers, we want to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve by actively supporting local events, schemes, and projects.

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  • Care for our Environment

    Alongside many diverse programmes that help us care for our environment, we are focussed on three key areas; Carbon Footprint, Site Specific Sustainability and Sustainable Packaging.

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  • Carbon Footprint

    Transport is also a huge part of what we do, so we have a duty of care right down the supply chain to make sure what we do exceeds expectations and legislation, reduces carbon footprint and respects the rights of everyone we work with along the way.

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Human Rights

Respect and fair treatment for all the people in our value chain is vital to JZ Flowers, both at our own sites and those of our partners.

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Modern Slavery

JZ Flowers takes the risks of modern slavery very seriously. We closely monitor all labour, on site and throughout our supply chain, and proactively engage with suppliers to review areas of risk and how we can support them in dealing with this.

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