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Environmental performance is an important pillar within our sustainability strategy. Alongside many diverse smaller programmes that help us care for our environment, we are focused on the three key areas below.

Carbon Footprint

We want to do all we can to reduce the carbon our business operations generate. So, it is absolutely vital for us to know and be open about our precise carbon footprint.

Alongside the Dutch Flower Group, we have partnered with an organisation called EcoChain, who specialise in measuring carbon footprints.

The first stage makes an initial measurement of direct and indirect emissions within the organisation (electricity, gas, water, waste, etc.).

Once we have our baseline measurement, the next stage will be the formulation of sustainable reduction plans, then the expansion of CO2 measuring and reduction plans within our supply chain activities.

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Site Specific Sustainability

Our purpose-built head office and pack-house was designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible.

LED lighting

All our lighting has been changed to LED and more recently fully activated by movement to save energy and reduce waste. In addition, the LEDs are fitted to a busbar system to allows repositioning without changing wiring systems.

Heat Recovery

Our buildings have been built to a high specification and standard of construction and insulation.
60% of our floor area requires cooling, and the heat generated from the chillers is now recovered, stored and used for under floor heating and air conditioning in our offices.


We aim to recycle a minimum of 97% of all onsite waste that we create.


Sustainable Packaging

JZ Flowers is fully committed to reducing and removing unnecessary plastic and packaging from all our products. We are actively looking into new and innovative packaging solutions throughout our supply chain

Our goals include:

  • Reducing landfill waste
  • More eco-friendly options suitable for recycling or  containing recycled content
  • Reducing the amount of packaging used or handled overall
  • Eliminating single-use plastic wherever possible

Our packaging materials are sourced from high-profile suppliers who strive for sustainability and are often ahead of the market with innovation.

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