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What We Do

JZ Flowers is a leading supplier of flowers and plants to mass market and online retailers. We provide our customers with beautiful high quality products, that are responsibly sourced and supplied to them using the optimal supply chains and construction methods.

We are the floral and plant experts for our customers, working with them to maximise their sales

We start by understanding their strategic objectives, both from a commercial sustainability perspective. We then propose offers that meet these objectives and will appeal to their end consumers based on insights from market data, upcoming trends and a strong understanding of the emotional and aesthetic needs of consumers. We do this on a large scale and therefore need to work closely with our suppliers and customers to plan well in advance but also adapt to changing markets to ensure we delivery on time, every time.

  • Insight

    By regularly analysing market data, we are able to stay on top of industry and consumer trends, helping us to anticipate and meet consumer demand.

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  • Design

    Our designers combine their product knowledge and creative flair to develop beautiful bouquets and packaging suited to our customers' needs.

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  • Advise

    We really understand our retail customers and the requirements of their end consumers. Our knowledge and experience, puts us in the best possible position to advise any customer.

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  • Source

    When selecting growers, we are looking for the optimal quality flowers available and an ability to supply at scale. Whether it’s flowers, plants or packaging we are sourcing, we prefer to build long term sustainable partnerships, built on honest open relationships.

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  • Supply

    We use meticulous monitoring and controls right through the supply chain to make sure everything we supply arrives in the best possible condition.

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  • QwikFlowers

    QwikFlowers has an outlet located on two of our sites in Newport, Yorkshire, and Nass, Ireland. QwikFlowers offers a wide selection of flowers, plants and bouquets, providing a competitive alternative to florists, wholesalers and the public.

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