Making life colourful

What Wo Do


Designing our beautiful floral bouquets is the pinnacle of our creative process. We base all our designs on a thorough analysis of trends and an insight into what is selling well in each respective market.

Design and new product development are a critical part of our business proposition, it influences every aspect of what we do. We are well placed to drive innovation, but to do this responsibly and successfully on scale, we have to carefully consider the sustainability of all components and any potential risks to quality.

Flower Tie

Our designers work with our suppliers to pick up the latest varieties of the flowers, participating in the varietal selection process, right at the start of the supply chain.

Our dedicated team of designers use our unique insight to create new colour palettes and themes from which we build our range proposals.

This means our designs are always up to date with consumers expectations and reassures our customers of our ability to continually offer them something new and exciting.

Our floral designers and in-house graphic artists work closely with our suppliers to create unique offerings including specifically grown floral varieties and custom designed packaging.


We design bespoke packaging and added value that are unique to our customers. Our end goal is always to delight customers and the end consumers.