Making life colourful

What We Do


At JZ Flowers, we work hard to understand, monitor and explore the exciting, ever-evolving variety of flowers and plants that are available in a global marketplace.

It’s our business to know who buys flowers, for whom, why and when

We watch industry and consumer trends, and plan for the seasonal occasions and local events where flowers take centre stage.

Our Marketing and Research Team works closely with partners right across the Dutch Flower Group, gathering the data we need to inform category development initiatives for our consumers.


Our experienced store auditors regularly visit all stores (online and offline), to record pricing, specifications and displays. This is captured in a full report which is sent to our customers.

Market Data

We use weekly market data to compare product mixes, quality, packaging, number of SKUs, retail prices, new products and promotional activity for our customers versus their competitors.


Gap Analyses

We regularly undertake Gap Analyses to identify commercial opportunities within gaps in customer ranges and summarise changes in the marketplace so Retail Category Teams can respond.