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What We Do


Sourcing well is a critical part of what we do. When selecting growers, we are looking for the optimal quality flowers available and an ability to supply at scale.

Growing Together

We prefer to build long term sustainable partnerships. We work with suppliers who are willing to invest so we can grow together sustainably and ensure we provide our customers the best quality product at competitive prices.


Experts in Locally Grown Flowers

One of our key strengths is the local sourcing of British and Irish grown flowers. Years ago, we started a small operation in Lincolnshire to sell Daffodils to UK and European retailers. Today, we have offices embedded within the growing communities in both British and Irish growing communities, helping build those excellent relationships with our local growers. This unique position means we can offer a huge selection of seasonal British and Irish flowers, freshly harvested – including Daffodils, Tulips, Sweet Williams, Peonies, Lilies, Sunflowers, Gladiolis and many more. We work constantly with our growers and customers to discover and trial new products.

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Collaborating with Suppliers

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our suppliers have grown with us over the years. Together we drive ethical trading standards for workers within our supply chain, and commit to supplying fresh, quality products for our customers.

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Global Sustainable Sourcing

We are proud to have become a market leader that champions sustainable, ethical sourced flowers on a global scale. We work closely with suppliers all over the world to guarantee quality and reliability, all the time ensuring sustainability and complete transparency.

Our teams include on the ground quality inspectors in the Netherlands, Turkey, Kenya and Colombia, who regularly visit and work alongside our strategic growers to send back reports on crop quality, as well as keeping us up to date on product availability and progress on new product trials and weather/climate conditions. We also ensure that suppliers meet our demanding ethical and environmental standards.

Having these technical teams in place means that regular inspections can occur to ensure the crop is developing well, all post-harvest procedures are followed and the product is correctly prepared for transit to ensure we continue to meet our quality standards. They will also ensure ethical standards are followed that we and our customers expect and trust.


We value collaboration throughout the entire chain, from grower to end consumer