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Hull and EY Children’s University Visit JZ for a Day of Learning

JZ Flowers welcomed a group of eager learners from Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University on May 3rd for an immersive experience into the world of floral production and business operations.


The visit, organised by the HEY Children’s University, aimed to provide children from diverse backgrounds with first-hand exposure to various career pathways and to ignite their passion for learning and exploration.

Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Children’s University is a charitable organisation dedicated to empowering children by offering them opportunities to discover their talents and interests, regardless of their circumstances.

Throughout the day, the children engaged in a range of activities designed to offer insights into the inner workings of JZ Flowers. They had the opportunity to participate in bouquet making, where they learned about the artistry and craftsmanship involved in creating stunning floral arrangements. Additionally, they explored label design, discovering the creative process behind packaging and branding.

As they viewed the production facility, the children observed skilled operatives in action, gaining valuable insights into the various roles and responsibilities within the company. From cultivation to packaging, they witnessed first-hand the dedication and teamwork required to deliver high-quality floral products to customers worldwide.

By opening their doors to young minds, JZ Flowers continues its commitment to supporting educational initiatives and fostering a culture of learning and discovery within the local community. Through hands-on experiences and exposure to diverse career opportunities, the company aims to empower children to dream big and pursue their aspirations with confidence.