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Fairtrade Partner

JZ Flowers is a proud and trusted supporter of the Fairtrade organisation. We are the largest importer of Fairtrade flowers in the UK and supply over 40% of all the Fairtrade flowers currently sold in UK supermarkets.

  • 73m

    sourced between 2018 and 2020

  • 665000

    generated in Fairtrade premium

  • 25m
    Fairtrade stems

    Fairtrade stems sourced from over 21 Fairtrade farms in 2020

How do Fairtrade flowers help?

We pay a 10% premium for all our Fairtrade flowers. This premium is invested directly back into the local community with Fairtrade Premium Committees (FPCs) made up of community members deciding how the money should be spent.

This can then help fund projects such as food subsidy projects, local healthcare and welfare projects. Fairtrade has become an important part of what we do at JZ. Our customers look out for the symbol as proof that we give back to the farm communities that supply our stems.