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JZ Flowers Supports Education and Homelessness Initiatives with Laptop Donations

JZ Flowers has supported two vital community projects in the region by generously donating 24 laptops to both Emmaus Hull and East Riding, in Hull, and The Education Alliance, in Melton.


FROM LEFT: Tessa Zwemstra, Managing Director at JZ Flowers, with Holly Allen, Retail Supervisor, and Rachel Stones, Retail Operations Manager, at Emmaus Hull and East Yorkshire

Emmaus Hull and East Riding

Nestled within a purpose-built community structure named The Orchard, Emmaus Hull & East Riding provides sanctuary for up to 30 formerly homeless individuals, known as companions. Within this residential setting, companions find not just shelter, but also a supportive network and a renewed sense of belonging, crucial elements often lacking for those who have experienced homelessness.

The Orchard serves as a secure and nurturing environment where individuals can rebuild their lives. The laptops donated by JZ Flowers will serve as invaluable tools for residents, providing them with access to online resources, job opportunities, and essential communication channels.

Holly Allen, Retail Supervisor at Emmaus Hull and East Yorkshire, said, “We look forward to setting up our companions with a brighter future, these laptops will help them with their journeys of finding homes and jobs and we can’t thank JZ Flowers enough for choosing Emmaus”

The Education Alliance

FROM LEFT: Matt Wadsworth, Director of IT at The Education Alliance, with Tessa Zwemstra

The Education Alliance

The Education Alliance, a consortium of schools in the East Riding and Hull, will also benefit significantly from this donation. With institutions like South Hunsley School, Malet Lambert School, Driffield School, and The Snaith School under its umbrella, the alliance is deeply invested in providing quality education to students across the region. The addition of laptops will undoubtedly enhance the learning experience for both students and educators alike.

Matt Wadsworth, Director of IT at The Education Alliance, said, ” Thank you so much to JZ Flowers for their donation of laptops, IT equipment is always sought after, particularly in our primaries and this will directly have a positive impact on our pupils’ learning.”

JZ Flowers was founded in Hull in 1990. Since then, it has expanded its operations, setting up sites in Lincolnshire, Ireland, and the USA. Each year, the company sources over 550 million stems, with a focus on supporting local British and Irish growers. With a workforce of over 800 people, JZ Flowers is known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. It has established itself as a prominent global player in the ethically sourced flowers market.

JZ Flowers’ commitment to corporate social responsibility is deeply ingrained in its ethos. As a family-owned business with a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, the company endeavours to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

“We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we operate in,” stated Tessa Zwemstra, Managing Director at JZ Flowers. “By supporting organisations like Emmaus Hull & East Riding and The Education Alliance, we aim to create a brighter future for all. We hope that this donation provides invaluable resources to enhance educational and career opportunities in the region.”

For more information about these charities and how to support their impactful work, please visit their websites: Emmaus Hull & East Riding at and The Education Alliance at