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Our Holbeach site is based in the heartland of the Lincolnshire growing area, helping us to build excellent relationships with growers and placing JZ in a prime location to ensure our flowers are as fresh as possible. Most growers are located within a 30-mile radius of our site which in turn means products can be cropped and packed within the hour.

Over the past twelve months, over 198 million stems have passed through our 90,000 sq.ft Lincolnshire site

Focused On Seasonal Flowers

We started our Lincolnshire operation focused on Daffodils but since then we have developed strong relationships with a far wider group of UK growers and now handle and design bouquets using a wide range of British Seasonal flowers including Peonies, Sunflowers, Sweet Williams, Lillies and Stocks.


37 Million Tulips Handled Last Year

Last year, we purchased over 37 million Tulips, and our team handled more than 37 million daffodils. If each stem were stacked on top of one another this would reach 1,136km – about the same distance from London to Prague in the Czech Republic (and yes, we do export daffodils to CZ).

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Daffodils remain our seasonal speciality.

We work closely with growers in Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Scotland to map the Daffodil season as it progresses through the winter and into spring.


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